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What students, parents, and colleagues are saying about us:
Philly Tutoring, LLC has been such a help for us! Our high school freshman uses his sessions to work on reading comprehension and analyses. His tutor pushes him to think creatively to develop the detail he needs for journaling and essays. His interactions with his tutor are always constructive and thorough, and we appreciate her post-session follow-ups. The regular, convenient scheduling also insures that he revisits the texts regularly.”
–Lara and Barry V., parents of a 9th grader
Philly Tutoring, LLC gave my daughter support and has brought her English skills up leaps and bounds. The blend of professionalism and humor gave her the enthusiasm for English that she had not had prior.  I highly recommend Philly Tutoring, LLC to anyone looking for a serious boost and support in their academic studies.”
–Rene M., parent of an 11th grader
Molly Ahrens was one of my best students at Bryn Mawr College. As a graduate of a rigorous Manhattan private school, Molly shares with her students her knowledge of academic subjects and the sound study strategies she practiced there.  She’s smart, funny, and empathic – qualities that give her a natural rapport with kids and teens.”
–Elizabeth Mosier, author and writing instructor
We love Philly Tutoring, LLC.  Molly matches the right tutor for your child and stays in touch to make sure all your needs are being met.  We’ve worked with Molly and her tutors for 2 years, both during the school year and throughout the summer.  She’s professional, attentive and responsive.  She provides insightful feedback regularly and our son has improved tremendously in both reading and writing.  We highly recommend her services.”
–Sandra D., parent of a 6th grader
Our daughter always told us “I’m not good in math”. She struggled through math class for many years. Finally, someone recommended Philly Tutoring, LLC. We have noticed a remarkable change in Livi’s attitude towards math and her perception of herself in regard to math is now a positive one. She immediately clicked with her tutor, Ali, and their work together in all subjects has made such a difference in Livi’s confidence and approach towards her work. We highly recommend Philly Tutoring, LLC without reservation.”
–Jill P., parent of an 8th grader
Math was always a daunting subject for my son Chase, but with the consistent support from his tutor at Philly Tutoring, LLC, he is mastering Geometry this year and actually enjoying it.”
–Kimberly S., parent of a 10th grader
“My tutor helped me learn how to break down the difficult concepts in my AP Biology class, so that I could really understand the material I was learning, not simply memorize information.”
–Shannon B., 11th grader
“Making the change from 8th grade to a new high school was really overwhelming. I had a lot more homework and felt really stressed out. My tutor helped me learn how to manage my time so that I could get my work done and still play sports after school.”
–Lucy J., 9th grader
Our son began working with Molly in the middle of a very challenging academic year, three years ago. The stress had taken its toll and our child was not in his most open or cooperative frame of mind! Molly took it in stride, and with great patience and gentleness, worked step by step through the roadblocks he faced, providing strategies, encouragement, and regular feedback to us and his teachers that helped him to develop new confidence and independence in his work. Now, as a middle schooler, he and Molly have it down to a science—he knows exactly which types of assignments will most benefit from her guidance, and he is completely self-motivated in setting a productive agenda for their valuable weekly time together!”
–Carol and Adam W., parents of a 6th grader
Every tutoring lesson made me feel like I had accomplished something. After every lesson, I felt improvement in my writing, and I saw evidence of this not only in my grades, but in my teacher’s comments and my own confidence in what I wrote. I give full credit to Philly Tutoring, LLC for making me the writer that I am today, and I look forward to another year of tutoring. Any student who wants to learn and improve their writing skills should consider Philly Tutoring, LLC.  Molly and her colleagues are amazing at what they do, and they have helped students like me discover their writing talents. 10/10 tutor points!”
–William S., 11th grader
When my son started high school, I was interested in finding a writing tutor to support and guide him in his first year.  Molly turned out to be the perfect guide. As a talented young writer herself, she enjoyed a great rapport with my teenager and was able to help him find and hone his own writing voice.  She is a treasure.”
–Sue W., parent of an 11th grader
I give Molly Ahrens and Philly Tutoring, LLC the highest recommendation.  As a parent of two teenagers, I have used Molly and the other tutors for the past three years and have had excellent results.  Molly tutored my younger daughter in language arts/writing skills, standardized test preparation, and essays for high school entry.  She helped throughout the high school process, providing personal contact with schools, and guidance about choices that best fit my daughter’s learning profile.  One year later my daughter is doing well in a fantastic school, and still credits her current academic success to what she learned from Molly.  My older daughter struggled more recently with math and science. Molly worked with her to determine the best fit for a tutor and found an exceptional match.  Her current tutor is getting her to understand challenging material and, more importantly, experience success instead of failure.  Philly Tutoring, LLC is an incredible resource for children and adolescents in our area!”
–Susanna M., parent of a 9th grader and a 10th grader
Before Molly’s help, I was not able to write a clear, concise paper. She showed me helpful strategies that have helped me succeed in more than just English class. Now I’m able to write a cohesive paper that is marked as an ‘A’!”
–Syd C., 10th grader
Molly has helped me to improve my writing and my reading skills. Her writing strategies led to improved grades. Also, she taught me how to use commas and semi-colons correctly in a sentence. Her weekly mini essay writing exercises were really helpful tools.  Overall, I highly recommend her to students who want to improve their writing.”
–Matt C., 7th grader
“Before Philly Tutoring, LLC, I had many challenges expressing my thoughts and opinions in my English essays. With help and encouraging tutoring sessions, I now write clear, provoking essays and developed my vocabulary. I recommend Philly Tutoring, LLC to anyone looking to improve and develop expressive writing techniques.
–Jada F., 11th grader
We feel so fortunate to have found Molly Ahrens.  Not only is she an accessible and effective tutor, she is also a great example in terms of her own organization and work ethic. Molly has been a consistently calming and inspiring influence in our daughter’s academic life. She has helped her to improve her writing and study skills immeasurably.
We look forward to reaching out to Molly during the college essay process!
–Noami and Peter L., parents of an 11th grader
Molly Ahrens is probably one of the most helpful tutors I have ever had. I used to receive C’s in my English classes and now I receive A’s. She has helped me learn how to analyze, boost my creativity, and become a better writer.
–Simone F., 11th grader
Molly has been at our side for a few years.  Most recently, I contacted Molly when my daughter needed some extra math support for her first high school midterms. The tutor Molly arranged for was awesome and after just a few sessions, we were ready! Professional, responsive and most of all committed to helping in whatever way possible. Highly recommended!”
–Daphne K., parent of a 9th grader
Our son has been fortunate to receive support from Philly Tutoring, LLC. When we think about their team, the words kindness, respect and good-natured come to mind first. There is a real relationship that develops between tutor and student. As a result, these skillful tutors have helped our son on many challenging homework assignments in middle school. Beyond that, we think the greatest value Philly Tutoring, LLC brings to the table are strategies on how to manage the homework load, how to plan and follow through on long-term assignments, and how to study for tests. This component of their tutoring work provides a long-term value beyond just completing the next task. We are pleased to highly recommend Molly and the Philly Tutoring, LLC team.”
–Linda and John N., parents of an 8th grader
Finding Molly after we had spent a disastrous and wasted three months with another college essay ‘coach’ was nothing short of miraculous. My daughter accomplished more in two sessions with Molly than she did during the entire three months prior.  Best of all, her indecision and paralysis vanished.  Molly was able to help Katherine focus, expound on her thoughts and really get to a whole new depth of writing that neither her dad nor I had seen before. Molly is consistent, encouraging and highly professional. Worth every penny!!!”
–Jeanne A., parent of 12th grader
Once we knew our daughter’s strengths and weaknesses as a learner, we used Philly Tutoring, LLC to give her support in areas where she needed it: organizational skills, writing, and reading comprehension.  She has been on the honor roll for her entire school year, and she knows every Thursday night she has her tutor to support her in the areas she needs.”
–Michael C., parent of a 10th grader
Based on my experience as a reading specialist, I recommend Molly for her extensive knowledge of contemporary and classic children’s and young adult literature, which enables her to tap into her students’ interests and strengths to make acquiring new analytical skills easier and more fun. In addition, her honest and easy rapport with young people helps build their confidence in their newly found abilities, allowing her to provide immediate and constructive feedback of their efforts. Larger learning centers that rely primarily on computer-based programs cannot substitute for these invaluable assets.”
–Aisha O’Connor, reading specialist