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College Essay Coaching

During individual coaching sessions, high school seniors will learn how to translate their diverse interests, valuable experiences, and unique personalities into essays that will capture the attention of a college admissions committee.

We will pay particular attention to the following areas:

• How to shape a student’s experiences into authentic and compelling essays

• How to revise and polish essays to ensure that students submit their best work

• What college admissions teams look for in application essays

• Specific skills that will strengthen a student’s writing

• How to organize and manage one’s time during the college application process

Sessions are one-hour long and can either take place in person or via Skype. This latter option can be helpful for students who are traveling during the summer months or have particularly busy schedules in the fall.

Students will be given specific college essay work to do in between sessions and are strongly encouraged to email their drafts to Molly Ahrens, college essay coach and founder/director of Philly Tutoring.

Molly Ahrens, who studied writing at Bryn Mawr College, University of Iowa and University College Dublin, has been working with college-bound seniors since 2003. Her students have been accepted to the top schools in the country, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Barnard, NYU, Tufts, Cornell, Dartmouth, Amherst, Bowdoin, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Brandeis, Brown, Stanford, Northwestern, and Wesleyan.

For additional information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact Molly@PhillyTutoring.com.



Testimonials from past college essay students:

Molly guided me through the process of applying to 10 different schools. She helped me make my essays the strongest part of my application. I know that it was because of her help that I didn’t receive a single rejection letter and was admitted to my top choice. Molly helped me make my own unique voice and personality shine through in my college essays. Her help was invaluable.
–Virginia G., student at Tufts
I ended up getting accepted to Georgetown, Penn Sate, Boston College, Barnard, Boston University, and Harvard. I am so grateful to Molly for all the help she gave me!
–Sarah B., student at Harvard
I got into Georgetown!!! I just got the letter a few minutes ago, and I am so pumped! I couldn’t have done it without Molly.
–Samantha A., student at Georgetown
I got into Vassar today! Thank you for all of your help with my applications.
–Drew F., student at Vassar
I’m currently deciding between Boston College, William & Mary, and Notre Dame. Molly’s help was invaluable to me during my senior year. Thank you.
–Elaine M., student at Boston College
I have a full ride to Michigan! I can’t say how lucky I am to have had Molly’s help throughout the whole essay process.
–Patricia S., student at Michigan
I had an amazing time working with Molly on my college essays. With her help, I was able to fully express my ideas on the page and show my personality through the limited amount of words allowed for my essays. She helped me capture my key ideas and elaborate on them to create essays for my colleges. Molly was patient and thoughtful, as well as fun to work with. I would strongly recommend Molly to every high school student who is applying to college!
–Lori G, student at NYU