Pay Online

Philly Tutoring accepts payments by checks, credit cards, and through PayPal transfers. Please follow the steps below to pay online.

Philly Tutoring uses FreshBooks for invoicing and PayPal for online billing.

1. Create a PayPal account at

2. Visit the Philly Tutoring FreshBooks site to pay online, or you can simply click on the invoice link sent to you via email.

Note: Paying online through the FreshBooks site avoids an additional processing fee that would be incurred by paying directly through PayPal.

3. Log in with your username and password (Molly will send this information to you when you become a Philly Tutoring client) to access your FreshBooks invoices.

4. Click on yellow “Pay with PayPal” button to pay online. You will be redirected to PayPal where you will sign in and pay.

Forgot or lost your username and password?

No problem. Your username and password are easily recoverable through the FreshBooks login page.

Prefer to use a different form of payment?

Philly Tutoring also accepts checks. Please view your invoice through FreshBooks and contact Molly to make other payment arrangements.